Accelerated Learning

Central to the creative academic provision at Kent College Junior School is our accelerated learning programme. Maths and English are taught in the mornings for all children including Early Years in the form of numeracy and literacy. The children are more alert and full of energy at this time and ready to embark on the accelerated learning programme that groups children in average class sizes of 16 according to their stage of development rather than age - this allows us to consolidate learning for those that need it or extend and accelerate learning by focusing on the needs of each individual child. Children can move groups throughout the year as it best suits their learning. The priority is for a child to be engaged, supported and stretched in equal measure.

Our Maths and English Mainstream Plus programme provide opportunities for additional targeted learning boosts for children with teachers. This develops the confidence of children maintaining momentum in a fun and supportive way without interrupting play or other subject areas.


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