Junior School Activities & After School Clubs

Pupil using a saw to cut wood

Our full range of after school clubs offer a variety of interesting challenging and fun activities for the children to enjoy whilst extending their skills.

There are clubs each evening from 4.00pm - 5.00pm and 5.00pm - 6.00pm which enables the children to be purposefully occupied until their parent can collect them with many children choosing to stay until six every evening such is the range and variety.

Children are also able to complete their homework in a supervised room each evening which means that their time at home is family time to be enjoyed rather than an extension of their school day. All the clubs are run by staff who know the children and ensure they are presented in a positive and enjoyable way.


Explore different artistic skills with our art specialist and extend your talents to produce interesting work to be displayed throughout the school.


High quality coaching from an ex international middle distance runner that will introduce children to all athletic events and prepare them for competition.

Autumn Sports

Football and more in a relaxed fun approach for an after school play and relaxation after a busy day in the classroom.


Play basketball in our sports hall with a PE specialist. Learn the game through playing in small sided games and competing in specific basketball skills.

Beastly Bible Stories

Explore some of the beastlier stories with the school Chaplain and look at how stories are used to tell about our past and the development of Christianity.

Board Games

Learn how to play chess, drafts and explore the more traditional pastimes before our electronic, video games.

Book Club

Read together different styles of literature, discuss what you like and why. Use the time to find authors you will love.


Join our wonderful, locally and nationally renowned school Choir and sing under the expert tuition of Mrs Spencer. You will perform at many school events and in a variety of venues.


Spend time exploring the mac books in our ICT suite and use a variety of formats to produce your own work. You will also play some games!


Plan your own projects, design them carefully and then build them, all the time assessing if they will work and what needs to be done to ensure that they do!


Learn to follow a recipe, measure ingredients and cook your own creations. You even get to take them home to eat afterwards.

Cookery Theory

Learn about balancing diets and planning healthy cooking so you can produce a meal for every occasion.


Explore a variety of materials including clay which will enable you to produce pieces of craft that can go into our kiln prior to decorating.


Learn the intricacies of the game, become good at batting, bowling and fielding under the instruction from our expert coaches including a current Kent player.

Cross Country Running

Enjoy running games with our ex international athlete and excellent coaches that will ensure your fitness improves and that you can compete at a high level if you choose to.


Learn a variety of dances and perform them in shows on the stage in our sports hall or even the performance stage at our Parents Day extravagansa. Or use the skills learned to improve your all round performance skills.


Learn to play draughts as an introduction to the more complicated board games. This is a club for the younger children.


Learn different techniques that will enable you to explore a range of situations and characterisations that can be used in the regular performances in school.


Visit the school farm, learn how to care for the animals, experience feeding them and even mucking them out on our working school farm!

Film & Fun

A relaxing way to spend a Friday evening, either playing in our idyllic grounds or watching your favourite DVD’s.

Folklore & Fairy Tales

An Irish theme to these under the inspirational Mrs Fitzgerald as you explore about princesses, witches and even leprachauns!


Indoor and outdoor small sided games with the Headmaster, learn to play the Barca way with an emphasis on pass and move and thinking in triangles.


Gymnastic skills that will be fun and flexible as you get chances to develop the breadth of your skills through a variety of gymnastic events.

Hair, nails & beauty

The name says it all! Look at the options and also the likely effect, learn some pitfalls that our advertising industry does not publicise!


Play small sided games and explore game play situations with our talented coaches whilst you improve your individual skills and match fitness.


Do your homework in a quiet, supervised room where there is an adult to help you if needed and encourage you to enjoy books when the written work is done.

iPad Explorers

Explore how you can use an iPad and the potential that you and the iPad have to achieve, improve and learn with one of our IT experts. Skills that you take into your academic lessons.


Enjoy playing and constructing using lego, learn to increase the challenge with greater complexity of the task with our design technology expert.


Explore the library, learn how to look after and categorise books while you explore different literature with our school librarian.

Multi Sports

Fun and games on the field playing a whole variety of different sports in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Play small sided games, work on game play situations whilst developing your individual skills and talents under the guidance of a specialist coach. Play matches against other schools.

Observational Drawing

Explore your talents in this area as you are challenged to carry out a variety of tasks and learn techniques to improve your drawing skills. Your work will then be displayed throughout the school


Join our excellent orchestra and use your musical skills to entertain at concerts and school events. Learn the fun of playing in a large group of musicians under the expert eye of our outstanding music teachers.

Outdoor Fun

Fun and games outside in all weathers as you play games and explore our idyllic environment.

Pop Choir

Enjoy the opportunity to perform some pop classics and keep up to date with your musical development. You may even get the chance to perform with the teachers’ band!


An introduction into athletics and cross country running for our younger children under the expert coaching of one one of our currently competing county athletes.

Sewing & Textiles

You will be amazed what you can make in a simple way as you explore a variety of techniques and materials to complete a range of projects.


Another activity for our younger children as they play traditional skipping games whilst reciting rhymes and learning timing and rhythm.


Indoor with the headmaster, small sided games with a variety of challenges in a fun yet challenging way that will improve performance in the outdoor games as skill levels and touch improve.

Spring Sports

Preparing for the onset of Summer by enjoying a mix of winter and summer sports in a relaxing way on our pitches, courts and artificial play surfaces.

Stories & Poems

Storytelling, reading, writing and loving literature and developing a love of these arts whilst improving your ability to express yourselves both verbally and with the written word.

Summer Sports

Fun in the sun on the fields as you play cricket, tennis or even a relaxed game pf football or frisbee during the Summer evenings in our idyllic surroundings.

Table Tennis

Play table tennis in our sports hall and complete a variety of challenges that are all planned carefully to improve your performance at the table.


Follow a programme devised by our tennis coach that will see you progress through the various stages of development into full court games.

Test Preparation

Be fully prepared for exams and learn to love reasoning puzzles under the expert eye of our Maths coordinator who will ensure that there are no surprises in any exam situation.

Touch Typing

Learn the skills and gain the speed that will enable you to word process your academic work with genuine confidence.

Young Authors

Write your own pieces of literature in a variety of formats as you explore the use of the written word. This also includes looking at how to getting pieces of writing published in different places.

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