GREAT - Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented

One of the key things that differentiate Kent College as an independent junior school is our GREAT programme. Helping students to explore their interests and develop their talents at an early age can make a significant difference in building their confidence and this is why we dedicate two curriculum lessons a week to the Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented programme.

Parents in discussion with their child can select which area of their talent or interest they wish to develop during these dedicated sessions. Specialist teachers and coaches are allocated to provide the additional challenge that will lead to excellence in the following areas:

  • Academic Study
  • Examination Preparation (KS2 only)
  • Art and Design
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Languages (KS1 only

Gifted - Really - Enthusiastic - Able - Talented

Art & Design

Individual programmes are developed to further extend the skills of the children in a variety of artistic forms. This is led by the art and design specialists and involves the use of a range of media to produce the work.

Design Technology

Children work to design and build a range of exciting and challenging models. This is an introduction into and then development of both their practical and engineering skills.

Academic Challenge/Test Preparation

The children are on individual programmes to develop the skills and abilities that furthers their achievement academically and prepares them as to how to succeed in examinations.


The children work on individual and group challenges that enable them to extend their range of performance skills, this will often involve presentations to smaller and larger audiences.


Composing and performing figures prominently in these options where the children can further develop their skills and confidence in these areas.


Teachers and coaches further develop the skills and fitness of the children in a variety of sports helping them to achieve excellence.


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