Welcome to Kent College Junior School

Welcome to Kent College Junior School, a school that offers a unique education that is developed to enable our children to develop the abilities, skills and confidence to face the many and varied challenges that lie ahead of them on their exciting journey through life in our rapidly changing and developing world.

Modern needs are met in our idyllic environment, these needs are underpinned with traditional values as children develop the academic skills and the social skills to enable them to thrive as they grow. Our education is challenging and inspiring, lessons are enjoyable, the range of opportunities is vast, as our children make the most of their maximum skill acquisition years which fall when they are in Junior School. Whether it is in our accelerated learning programme in Maths, English, a foreign language or computing, or during our GREAT programme or at an after school activity, if you visit, you will see smiling faces and children enjoying the many and varied challenges with teachers and coaches that inspire teach to a very high level.

Underpinning this academic progression and broad range of skills at the heart of the school is the ability to empathise, to look at different situations and choose an action that is appropriate. To develop the ability to take responsibility and this includes all the children.

The world these children enter as young adults will be very different from the one I grew up in, they will be fit, healthy and many of the occupations that they follow do not exist now. We must help them develop the self confidence to face every challenge.

Learn about us from the words and pictures of this web site but I encourage you to visit and spend some time with me to see our vibrant, happy children enjoying their education.

Andrew Carter

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