Embracing the ever changing world of technology

At Kent College Infant and Junior School we are very aware of the ever increasing use of technology in everyday life. We have tailored our accelerated curriculum around that principal and strive to equip children with a strong knowledge of a huge range of programs and equipment. All ICT lessons are interactive, fun and engaging for pupils. We have a huge range of equipment to support the ICT curriculum all of which is available to other teachers for use in other lessons as although ICT is taught as a stand alone subject it is essential that children see the benefit of using these devices to support their learning in every area possible.

A comprehensive grasp of the ever changing world of ICT is essential for children of all ages. Children at KC will be using laptops, ipads and small programmable robots as part of every day learning and will develop the confidence to pick up and use any device with ease. Alongside this we ensure that the children are aware of the importance of their digital footprint and most importantly how to use the technology in a safe and responsible way. E safety is an essential life skill and one that we take very seriously in order to keep our children safe whilst also ensuring that they are not phased by using all technology.

ICT knowledge should be the tool that makes accessing, recording and presenting information in an interesting and interactive way. Children will be encouraged to incorporate their knowledge of ICT into any subject or area that it will benefit them. The world of technology moves at a rapid pace and it is essential that the children have as much exposure to it as possible. However we also ensure the children are aware of stepping away from the screens and taking part in the world also.

Children are encouraged to build their skills in a collaborative way and peer group work is encouraged as skills are strengthened by sharing knowledge in this way. It also ensures that the children do not become isolated by using devices as they see the benefit of working together in a team as they may well do in further education or a workplace.

Skills development

  • Ability to use a wide range of devices and programs.
  • Awareness of digital footprint and how data and images can be used.
  • Essential E safety skills, how to protect yourself and others.
  • Safe screen use, knowing when to utilse the devices and when to step away.
  • Communication skills assisting peers and transferring knowledge.
  • Keyboard skills.
  • Utilising a range of applications.


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