Welcome to Key Stage 1

Awakening their imagination

Key Stage 1

includes Year 1 and 2

(Age 5 to 7)

During these Pre-Prep years we kindle curiosity, encourage inquiry and capture imaginations, giving our children a life-long love of learning in all its forms in an environment where making mistakes is all part of the process.

Develop life values of kindness and compassion

We know all our children inside out, so our teachers and learning support specialists tailor their teaching to suit each child, adjusting pace and content to reflect their individual needs. Very young children in particular tend to absorb information at very different speeds. In learning, as in life, one size rarely fits all.

Specialist Learning

Year One Transition Class sees the children being introduced to our Maths scheme and starting to work in a more formal way with their language acquisition and development. There are small ratios with the teacher being supported by a team of teaching assistants for the academic challenges. The children also see a sports specialist daily and have specialist teachers for Music, a foreign language and ICT/Computing. At the conclusion of year one the teacher advises as to which group each child goes into for our acceleration programme in Maths and English.

Our lessons are always lively, with regular “energisers” to help the children reboot during longer sessions. Regular theme days and outings add pace and excitement to the day, with children working individually and in groups, pairs and teams according to their strengths and interests.

Our curriculum builds the skills children need on their journey through life, helping them make choices, experiment, explore and remember. We know that children learn in different ways and at different speeds, so we offer close support in spelling, writing, reading and maths, and help our children learn to judge their own progress, building strength and determination along the way.


The GREAT programme offers children a carousel of additional specialist subjects such as Modern Foreign Languages, Experimental Science and Speed and Agility. At this age, the children will experience a breadth of subjects before selecting from the variety of options when reaching Year Three .Find out more about GREAT at the link GREAT

Find out more about GREAT

Wriggle Room for Busy Parents

In our busy world we know how important flexibility is for parents so Kent College Junior School offers extended care and a huge variety of clubs and activities for our pupils to enjoy.

The school day runs from 8.40am to 4.00pm.

Extended Day

Early care is available from 8­:00am‐8:30am or earlier by prior arrangement. The children can now start to join after school clubs and activities which run from 4.10pm to 5.00pm and from 5.10pm to 6.00pm. More information can be found at the link


Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club sessions are available from 7:30am-8:00am. This session is not included in the school fees and must be booked through the School Office.

Holiday Fun Club

Our Holiday Fun Club is available during half terms and the main holiday periods and gives parents the opportunity to select the days and times they require care. Activities are planned throughout the extended school day. An additional charge is made for the Holiday Fun Club service. After school clubs are introduced at this stage to complement the after school care programme, and these widen the educational experience whilst extending the range of opportunities for all the children.

Parental Partnership

We believe that the best outcomes for our pupils come when we work in close partnership with parents. You are very welcome to see us before or after school if there is anything you need to mention. We are available on most days. For a longer discussion it is best to make an appointment. Parent academic consultation evenings take place in Autumn and Spring. A final written report is made in the Summer Term.

To ensure that your child has an effective transition from the Foundation Stage to Year One, we will provide opportunities for children to continue to learn through first hand experience within a stimulating and interactive environment. A topic-based approach will allow children to make connections across the curriculum. It is vital that children experience transition at their own pace, with their development dictating the timing of new skill acquisition.

Curriculum forecasts are sent home at the beginning of each term. These will inform you of the topics and themes that the children will be studying. There will be a gradual introduction of more formal learning as the year progresses and the children’s stamina and concentration extends. We welcome and value parental involvement in all curriculum areas and encourage you to share any expertise or artefacts that you feel would enrich the learning experience in Year One.


Whatever you want to know, please send us an email and we will gladly answer all your questions.