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At KC we believe that wearing a school uniform helps to engender a sense of community and equality. It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event and we ask that all parents who send their children to Kent College support the school uniform policy and ensure that their child has the correct uniform. Our pupils represent and act as ambassadors for the college and we expect them to take care over their appearance, to be smart and to wear their uniform with pride.


We are an inclusive school that supports the right of all pupils to wear uniform they feel comfortable in and we have a uniform list that provides students with a variety of choices in the clothing they can wear rather than a boys' list and a girls' list. We hope this approach will enable you to select clothing that best suits your child's needs. The uniform lists are attached and we hope the gender neutral approach will enable pupils to make considered choices around their own comfort preferences. Should you have any questions about the uniform policy, you should contact the child’s form teacher in the first instance.

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Students in school uniform

Ordering uniforms

School Colours provides all our uniforms and sports kit which you can order online. The new uniform will be available to buy from mid June. You will need to set up an account in order to log in at:

If you need any historical information or have any questions you can contact

School Colours Website  


Getting the right size uniform

A sizing guide is available on the School Colours website. In addition sizing samples are also available to try on in the school's Thrift Shop, which is located on the Senior school campus, and is open during term time on Mondays and Fridays, 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Good quality second-hand uniform and sportswear for all years is also available in the Thrift Shop.

Any questions about the purchase of school uniform should be addressed to uniform@kentcollege.co.uk


We love our sport at Kent College and have an outstanding record in producing exceptional young sportsmen and women.

Where to buy

Sports kit for all Years from Reception to Year 6 is now available to order from School Colours Direct. You will need to create a personal account with them, and then you will be able to buy from the Kent College Sports Kit pages on their website.

School Colours Website


All pupils playing hockey are required to wear mouthguards, and we strongly recommend that these are custom fitted. OPRO, the dental organisation that specialises in mouthguards, visits school at the beginning of every academic year (September) to take impressions and supply named mouthguards. Information about this service is emailed to new and existing pupils during the summer holidays, and orders need to be placed online a minimum of a week in advance of the visit. More information about OPRO can be found on the OPRO website:


If your child already has a mouthguard we recommend that you check that it still fits correctly before the term begins. If you are unable to attend the fitting in September, mouthguards can still be ordered through the OPRO website. Cheaper mouthguards are also available from sports’ shops, and it is useful to have a spare mouthguard moulded and ready for use.

The Thrift Shop

Good quality second hand uniform and sportswear for all years is available from the Thrift Shop at Kent College Senior School which is open Mondays and Fridays 3.30pm until 5.00pm during term time. A range of sample uniform for trying on and sizing purposes is also kept in the Thrift Shop.

Any further questions about the purchase of school uniform should be addressed to uniform@kentcollege.co.uk

  • Current uniform being discontinued


Have a question regarding uniform?

Please email uniform@kentcollege.co.uk