Year 9 Camping Trip Blog

Year 9 Camping Trip Blog
A daily update from the Year 9 Camping Trip in East Grinstead.

Day 1

The year 9 group of 65 pupils set off this morning for East Grinstead for 3 days of fun.
No phones or electrical devices allowed we are exited to work together and test ourselves (pupils and staff)
On arrival groups were briefed and set off to the first activities without delay.
Amazing effort on Jacobs Ladder - all the way.
Out of the comfort zone and growing. Overcoming fears together.
Great team effort.

Day 2

Early morning rising and washing up after a hearty breakfast.
Looking forward to another exciting day of activities.
Learning to bell ring so we can help our team!!

Lots of trepidation from our first three climbers.
How high can they go??

All the way up - Together Everyone Achieves More

Day 2 The last night

On the last evening of the year 9 camp we performed activities by the camp fire.
Each group performed a brief ‘show’ for the rest to enjoy.

We had songs, group yoga, a world record attempt, impersonations of teaching staff (worryingly good - everyone knew exactly who each one was). There was even two gymnastic style displays.
The night finished with a rendition of Always look on the bright side of life to the superb guitar playing of Mr Shillito and Mr Bickerstaff.
Special thanks to Mr Bloxham for making a special appearance.
Pupils enjoyed ‘a boom chicka boom’ and other songs we sang.

Day 3

Getting ready for the leap of faith.... made it!
Loving every minute of it here. Having such good fun.

Who would think we were soon to be going home. We love being here.