International STEM Youth Innovation Competition

International STEM Youth Innovation Competition

Kent College is proud to announce two teams of students have progressed to the second round in the International STEM Youth Innovation Competition organised by the British International Education Association (BIEA).  The Design Department at Kent College have led four teams in the effort to use drone technology to help fight extinction and preserve vulnerable species.   The teams progressing to the second round of the competition are:

‘Captain Planet’ in the 15-17 age group

Pietro, Matthias, Laurence and Gustavo. The international year 12 IB heavy-weights. Captain Planet have designed a light-weight, discreet drone capable of tracking and individually identifying Iberian Lynx within their habitats, enabling conservationists to track the locations, movements, habits and diets of each individual Iberian Lynx over time in order to better understand and protect the most threatened wildcat species in the world.

‘Burnkool’ in the 11-14 age group

Ellie, Daisy, Anna and Laura. The all-girl Year 10 team. Burnkool have designed a drone that intends to track endangered Rhinoceroses in the Sahara, as well as scanning for poachers and their traps, alerting rangers when these are spotted in efforts to protect the species.

With access to the full Design workshop at Kent College, participating students make use of cutting edge CAD and CAM technologies, laser cutters and 3D printers, alongside a full suite of traditional wood and metal working tools for use in prototyping their drones.
Students have 3D modeled their prototypes in industry-standard software Autodesk Fusion 360, and in the second phase of the competition, they will purchase suitable drones and modify them to complete their conservation prototype.