Academic and IB

The small class sizes and individual attention given to all pupils at Kent College allow our teachers to nurture academic ability, and to encourage intellectual development. Our excellent results reflect our passion for learning.

Year 7 (age 11+)
For Year 7 entry, all pupils are automatically considered for an Academic scholarship based on the results of the Kent College entrance tests held in January. No additional registration is required.

Year 9 (age 13+)
For Year 9 entry, Common Entrance results may be considered as a proxy for the Kent College entrance tests.

Year 12 (age 16+)
For Year 12 entry, predicted GCSE results may be considered. As well as Academic scholarships, applicants into Year 12 wishing to take the International Baccalaureate have the option of applying for an IB Scholarship.

IB Scholarship

The IB scholarship is awarded to students studying the International Baccalaureate, and is worth up to 50% remission of fees.

As an IB scholar we expect you to demonstrate your enthusiasm and excitement for the IB, this may be by helping with presentations about the IB or showcasing your work to potential IB students – you will be an advocate for the IB. You must maintain high levels of effort and achievement throughout the IB course.

Application process: you must produce two pieces of written work and attend a short interview. The first report (maximum 300 words) should explain why you particularly want to study the IB. The second (maximum 1,000 words) should be an extended piece of writing based on an area of research that you have completed. This might be research based on reading or possibly some form of experiment/investigation. The short interview focuses on the content of the two written reports.

The two pieces of written work must be submitted together electronically to the Deputy Head (Mr Letley) by Thursday 2nd March.

How to apply
For all scholarships, please complete our online Registration form and pay the £100 registration fee.

Details about scholarships and bursaries are available from the Registrar here: