Daily Routine

School hours are Monday-Friday 08:35 to 16:30. All pupils should arrive in school in good time to register at 08:35. Day pupils may go home at 16:30. All pupils may attend Study Hall, a school activity or practice until 17:30. Day pupils are required to leave the campus at 17:30 unless they are attending a school match or similar, or have the permission of their Head of House.

Daily routine for all pupils

Registration 08:35
Chapel or Tutorial 08:35–09:00
Period 1 09:00–09:35
Period 2 09:35–10:10
Break 10:10–10:35
Period 3 10:35–11:10
Period 4 11:10–11:45
Period 5 11:50–12:25
Period 6 12:25–13:00
Lunch 13:00–14:00
Period 7 14:00–14:35
Period 8 14:35–15:10
Period 9 15:15–15:50
Period 10 15:50–16:25
Activities/Study Hall 16:30–17:30
Buses depart 17:30

Boarders’ daily routine


Breakfast 07:40–08:00 (except for school activities)
Morning break 10:10–10:35
Lunch 13:00–14:00
Snack in dining hall 16:25-16:40
Prep (homework) in Study Hall or school activities 16:40-17:30 (Yr 7-9)
16:40-18:15 (Yr 10-11)
16:40-19:00 (Yr 12-13)
Prep in boarding house, or quiet time 17:30-19:00 (Yr 7-9)
18:15-19:00 (Yr 10-11)
Supper 19:00-19:30
Prep, activities or free time 19:30-21:00
Registration in boarding house or at official activity 21:00
Free time and activities 21:05
Bedtime (according to year group) 21:30pm onwards


Sports teams practice and fixtures
Brunch 12:30
Boarders may sign out to visit Canterbury with permission of their House Parents 13:00
Supper 18:00
Free time and/or boarding activities 19:00 until bedtime
Breakfast for pupils going on trips: full range of day trips offered throughout the year 08:00-09:00
Brunch 10:30-12:30
Boarders may sign out to visit Canterbury with permission of their House Parents 11:30 onwards
Supper 18:00
Study time and/or boarding activities 19:00 until bedtime

Attendance at Chapel

The Chapel is the focal point of the school as it is the one place where the school community, or part of it, gathers daily to celebrate the Christian values upon which the School is founded. Chapel services start at 08:40. Participation is as follows:

  • Monday: Chapel for the whole school
  • Tuesday: Senior Chapel (Years 10, 11, 12 and 13)
  • Wednesday: Junior Chapel (Years 7, 8 and 9)
  • Friday: Chapel for the whole school

Tutor periods take place when a year group is not in Chapel.

Meal Times

1885 – school cafe

Snacks are available to purchase from 1885 (the school cafe) at the following times:


Payment by sQuid: 1885 operates on a biometric cashless system.

Parents/guardians create a sQuid account and make payments using a web portal or app. Pupils can then make purchases from 1885 using their sQuid account. Parents/guardians can check balances, view transactions and top up the account as required.

Visit the sQuid web page

Find out more

Further details about scholarships and bursaries are available from the Registrar.

To arrange a visit, please use on online booking system.