Eat well at KC

Students standing in queue for food

“On the way home from school the conversation between my two children always revolves around the same topic: what they had for lunch. The food at Kent College is amazing – the choice, the quality and the generous portions. Highlights include the chocolate brownies (to die for, apparently!), and the extensive and sophisticated choice of salads. Parents get treated too at events such as Speech Day, but it’s lovely to know that your child is being fed everyday with healthy, home-made and nutritious food.”
KC parent

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As all the pupils at Kent College know, Head Chef Neil Wiggins is passionate about every aspect of food, where it comes from, how it’s cooked, and the wider implications of large-scale catering such as food waste and recycling. Every day Neil and his team of 15 chefs and 14 front-of-house staff are responsible for 1,000 meals at the Senior school and 200 meals at Kent College Junior School. All the food prepared at Kent College is cooked on the premises, and Neil uses local and trusted suppliers for his meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Not only does this policy help to support local businesses, it also guarantees freshness and quality, and helps to reduce the school’s overall carbon footprint. In addition, Neil is also able to source pork, lamb and mutton from the school’s own farm – last year she made 6,000 sausages from pork reared on the Kent College farm.

Neil caters for special diets such as gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant and works closely with the staff in the school’s medical centre to ensure that pupils with specific needs are well looked after. The kitchens also provide a wide range of snacks enjoyed by the pupils at break time, either in the main dining hall or in the school’s cafe, 1885.

Meal times

breakfast: 7.40–8am (except for school activities)
Morning break: 10.10–10.35am
Lunch: 12.55–2pm
Boarders’ High Tea: 4.20–4.40pm
Supper: 7pm Monday to Thursday
6pm Friday

Saturday and Sunday
Early breakfast by arrangement
brunch: 12.30pm
Supper: 6pm

1885 opening times and payment
Weekdays 10.10–10.30am, 12.50–1.55pm, 4.20–4.40pm

Payment by sQuid: 1885 operates on a biometric cashless system. Parents/guardians create a sQuid account and make payments using a web portal or app. Pupils can then make purchases from 1885 using their sQuid account. Parents/guardians can check balances, view transactions and top up the account as required.
For more information visit the sQuid web page.

Neil understands how important food is for the boarding pupils in the school. breakfast is varied from day to day to give pupils a choice of delicious cooked food, and there is always a choice at supper as well. Special occasions give the chefs the opportunity to cook up a feast – boarders’ Christmas lunch is always a big event with the menu designed around the boarders’ own requests. Last year it included home-made paella and pizza. Themed events including evenings based around Chinese or Italian food are also popular.

Pupils have considerable input into all aspects of food at Kent College. A pupil-led food committee meets once a term to discuss all aspects of the food at school, not just menus but also wider issues such as food waste, and use of plastics. All of the organic food scraps go from the kitchen to the school farm, cooking oil is recycled, and making food from scratch reduces waste generally. New initiatives are constantly under review, including composting schemes and reducing the use of plastic bottles..

Our kitchens in numbers

Dinning Hall
900 meals a day
Debbie in cafe
1885 – our cafe
6,000 eggs per week
close up of apples
11,000 apples per year
Serving food at Kent College
2,000 sausages per week!
close up of Stawberries
300 kilos of strawberries in the summer term
Too much Cake
And too much cake .....

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