Sixth Form IB

International Baccalaureate

The IB Diploma is an exciting programme that focuses not only on the academic enrichment of the student, but their personal development as a well-rounded individual. It is highly-respected internationally and recognised by all UK universities. The Diploma offers a breadth of knowledge and range of skills that are sought after by employers and higher education alike.

The IB Diploma allows students to follow six subjects from different areas of study including literature, a foreign language, humanities, science, maths, and an optional arts subject. Students also research and write an Extended Essay in an area of interest to them; this is highly regarded by universities. They also complement their academic study with a course on the Theory of Knowledge, as well as gaining credit for their extracurricular activities in Creativity, Action and Service.

The diploma was the perfect course for me. I love the breadth it allowed me to maintain while still being able to delve deep into my particular fields of interest.

The Diploma is a challenging course that will suit students who are hard working, well organised and have a genuine curiosity for the subjects of their study.

Since 2017, our students have consistently achieved an average of 37 points placing Kent College in the top 10 UK schools offering the IB.

International Baccalaureate subject choices

(all subjects are offered at Higher and Standard Level unless stated otherwise)
Block Subjects
1 Literature English literature , Italian, German
Spanish1, French1, German1
Humanities History , Geography
Business Management
Sciences Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Maths Mathematics
Arts Art, Music

1 Group 2 languages may be studied at three levels:
ab initio, where students learn a language from scratch, or beginners level which counts as Standard Level, Standard Level and Higher Level

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) focuses on personal development outside the classroom. The student engages in Creativity, through the arts and creative thinking; Action, through physical activity, contributing to a healthy lifestyle; and Service, volunteering to benefit others. A personal journey of self-discovery, CAS is a challenging endeavour in personal growth

Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is an in-depth study on a topic of the student’s choosing. It is the perfect opportunity to show knowledge, understanding, and enthusiasm for the student’s academic interests through high-level research and intellectual discovery.

Theory of Knowledge

The Theory of Knowledge focuses on critical thinking, challenging the notion of learning as the mere acquisition of facts. The complexities associated with knowledge are closely considered; we look at what we believe to be true, the reasons we have for holding these beliefs and whether or not our reasons for holding them are ‘good’. The aim is not only to introduce students to a range of ideas and debates, but to encourage them to view their own ideas, beliefs, and opinions in light of those of others.

We are very flexible when it comes to constructing the timetables for Diploma candidates and encourage applicants to identify courses and subjects they wish to study even if we do not offer them as we are able bespoke most options. Kent College offers outstanding levels of teaching and support for the IB Diploma with additional classes and tutoring available as standard to ensure the very best outcomes for individuals.

The academic life of the IB student is complemented with a rich and diverse extra curricular programme at Kent College. There are large numbers of clubs and societies for every interest and new ones established each year to meet the changing desires of our students. National representation in sport is common with equal standards in Music and Drama, there is simply something for everyone at Kent College. The pastoral system in the school is highly valued and central to our ethos as a Methodist school, the family atmosphere and supportive environment in the boarding and day school means that well rounded global citizens leave the school on graduation from the IB.

Student in the library

Subject Groups

The Diploma consists of six subject groups:

  • Group 1: English (or first language)
  • Group 2: Second language
  • Group 3: Humanities
  • Group 4: Science
  • Group 5: Maths
  • Group 6: The Arts
Curriculum Booklet

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