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Applying to Kent College

Kent College has a long history of welcoming international students. Around one-third of our pupils are boarders, and there are over 40 countries represented in our boarding population. We have 3 boys’ boarding houses – Elfick, Gamon and Guilford, and 2 girls’ houses – Austen and Wesley. The boarding houses are a ‘home away from home’ for our international students, and we look forward to welcoming your child into the Kent College family in Canterbury.

Pupils usually join Kent College in Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) or Year 12 (16+), but it is possible to start in other year groups if a place is available. In addition, there is an option for international boarders to apply for a pre-Sixth place in Year 11 (15+).

For those international students who need to improve their English skills before joining mainstream British curriculum classes, our International Study Centre offers an intensive English language programme.

We also offer short-term boarding for two terms for pupils who may wish to prepare for life in a UK boarding school, or for those who would like to spend time in the UK to improve their English. Please contact our Admissions team for more information.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our EAL department offers support to all our international students who need help with their English. The level of support is based on the entrance examinations and assessments done when pupils enter the school. As pupils progress through the school they follow various EAL courses and qualifications including the IGCSE EFL course, IELTS and Cambridge examinations.

How to apply

International students and parents are strongly encouraged to visit Kent College if possible. Please call the Admissions office in advance to arrange this, especially if you are making special travel arrangements to come to Canterbury.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to a member of our Admissions team please email or call 01227 813906

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  • Stage 1: Register

  • Stage 2: Assessments

  • Stage 3: An offer of a place and Guardian arrangements

  • Stage 4: Parents' Contract

The first stage is to complete our online registration form, and pay the registration fee. The registration fee of £100 covers administration costs and is non-refundable. Completing a registration form does not in any way commit you to the school, nor does it guarantee admission. But you do need to register for your child to be assessed for entry to the school. You will also be asked to provide a recent school report.
All applicants are required to take entrance examinations in English, Maths and Non-verbal reasoning. These tests can be taken at the pupil’s own school or British Council office.

In order to assess levels of spoken and written English, students are required to complete an online assessment, and may be invited for a Skype interview with a member of staff.

Arranging an educational guardian for your child

Kent College, like other independent schools in the UK requires all parents to appoint an educational Guardian who will look after the welfare of their child. Guardians must be aged over 25 years and resident in the UK and be less than two hours travel from school. Guardians should be able to commit to assuming delegated parental responsibility in case of emergencies and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. They should be the parents' representative in the UK and be able to attend parent evenings if required, arrange appropriate transportation to and from the school for your child and visit them during term time as needed.

Whilst Kent College cannot make individual recommendations for guardian agencies, we would advise parents to only use guardian companies accredited by AEGIS (The Association for Education and Guardianship of International Students) or the BSA (Boarding School Association) Parents must complete a Guardian consent form at this stage.

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Aegis can be contacted at
AEGIS registered guardians include;
Pippa's Guardians

Arranging a visa to study in a uk boarding school

If you need a visa to study at an independent school in the UK you should read the information linked here []

If your child is aged between 7 years to 17 years you will need to apply for a child Tier 4 visa and a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS).

Kent College is on the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) register of Tier 4 sponsors, and is therefore allowed to issue a CAS once the student’s place at school is confirmed, the Guardian agreement is in place, the deposit has been paid, and evidence of funds to cover 1 year’s fees have all been provided.

To support your application Kent College has appointed Newland Chase Education who specialise in immigration services for the education field in the United Kingdom. Their clients include many of the UK’s most prestigious universities and colleges and independent schools.

We require all parents to complete a Parents' Contract that sets out the terms and conditions on joining the school. In addition parents will need to complete the following online forms before their child joins the school:

  • Medical questionnaire – the school is required by UK law to hold medical information including emergency contact details and parental consents for all pupils. Please note new pupils cannot start term until this online form has been completed.
  • Laptop and IT usage agreements – these agreements summarise the commitments of the school by providing a laptop computer for educational purposes, and of pupils and parents/guardians. They also outline acceptable usage within the school premises and on school laptops.
  • Biometrics consent form – biometrics information is used for systems such as print and copy cost control, access control, purchase of items in Cafe 1885 and registration.

All new pupils are invited with their parents to our New Boarders Welcome Day at the beginning of the Autumn term in September. For more detailed information about joining the school please refer to our Joining Us and FAQs page.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to a member of our Admissions team please email or call 01227 813906

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