Our Vision


Kent College has always enjoyed a reputation as a particularly friendly and welcoming school.

This is a tradition the School is very anxious to maintain and strengthen, so a clearly articulated mission statement and a widely circulated set of aims and values are an important element in pursuing this goal. Please see these statements as much more than pious platitudes.

At Kent College we genuinely try to live by them.

Kent College is a values-led inclusive community.


Education that is focused upon the needs of each individual, developing inquiring and knowledgeable people who understand how to lead happy and fulfilling lives as compassionate members of a global community, with the skills to play active roles in an inclusive and sustainable future.

The aims of Kent College are to:

  • Be a caring Christian family community committed to the development of the full potential of each individual;
  • Maintain high educational standards in all academic, cultural and sporting activities, stimulating high excitement in learning and requiring discipline in study whatever the ability of the child;
  • Work with and in the communities it serves;
  • Worship as Christians in the Methodist tradition and uphold Christian values in practice as well as in theory, whilst welcoming members of other faiths (and none) in a spirit of openness and tolerance; and to make religious education a strong feature of the curriculum;
  • Encourage pupils in a critical examination of the standards and values current in society and to discover and develop a personal faith and spiritual values to guide them through their lives.

Our Values

At Kent College we encourage students to develop the following values and to take these with them as they grow into young adults and enter the wider world:

MIST Crest
Kent College is a member of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust

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