2017 Results

2017 2016 2015 2014
IB average (points/45) 37 36 34 32
A level A*-A% 49 45 37 48
A level A*-B% 80 71 63 77
A level % pass rate 100 100 100 100
GCSE A*-A% (2018 onwards 9-7)* 46 38 37 39
GCSE A*-B% (2018 onwards 9-6)* 68 69 75 66
% achieving 5 or more GCSEs 100 100 100 100

*please note: a direct comparison is not possible between the old A*-E grades and the new 9-1 grades

2017: IB and A level

2017 was a record year for both IB and A level results at Kent College. When combined, the school’s IB scores and A level grades translated into an average of over 160 UCAS points (the basis for university offers) per student: the equivalent of A* A* A.

IB highlights

  • average point score of 37 (compared to a worldwide average of 30)
  • 37 points is equivalent to A* A* A* A at A level
  • one candidate scored a perfect 45/45 – a feat that places her in the top 0.2% of IB Diploma students worldwide
  • 100% pass rate with 8 students scoring over 40 points
  • results place Kent College in the top 10 IB schools in the UK (Sunday Times)

A level highlights

  • 100% pass rate
  • almost half of all grades awarded A*- A
  • 93% passed at grades A*-C

2017 Kent College A level results

2017 Kent College A level results

2017: GCSE

In GCSE, the courses had changed, the grading had changed for some subjects, and the nature of assessments had changed with much less emphasis on coursework – but the personalised approach at Kent College ensured that student success was as good as ever.

GCSE highlights

  • 100% pass rate
  • most students achieved 5 grades at the equivalent of A*-C
  • nearly 70% of all grades achieved equivalent to A*-B

2017 Kent College GCSE results


“I am delighted with the very high levels of academic achievement shown by the students who took examinations this summer. They worked extremely hard whilst at the same time adding an immense amount to the extra curricular, musical, dramatic and sporting life of our community. They have been excellent ambassadors of Kent College and they deserve every success. I am also delighted for my colleagues who have worked so hard in supporting and nurturing the development of all our students. Many congratulations to them all.”

Dr David Lamper – Executive Head Master


All of our 2017 leavers gained places at their universities of choice, including top destinations such as Cambridge, Durham, Kings College, Nottingham, Oxford, Warwick and UCL as well as universities outside the UK in the USA, Australia and Italy.

Our leavers are studying a wide variety of subjects including Mathematics, Medicine, Business and Management, Politics and International Relations, Law, Sport, Journalism, History and Music. The success of our leavers reflects the strength of our personalized approach at Kent College and dedication of our teachers, as well as the hard work of our Sixth form students.

“I am delighted for the students who have worked hard and done so well in achieving places at top universities, and I am grateful to colleagues for their efforts to make sure that the success already enjoyed by A level students is shared with those studying the IB Diploma.”

Dr David Lamper – Executive Head Master

Kent College school front view

Destinations 2017

Sunday Times Top
20 UK Universities 2017
Number of KC offers
Cambridge 1
Oxford 2
St Andrews 0
Imperial 2
Durham 1
Lancaster 1
Loughborough 3
Warwick 4
Leeds 1
Bath 1
Exeter 2
Birmingham 3
Bristol 1
York 1
Nottingham 4
Surrey 2

Other UK destinations 2017:
University of Kent 4
Kings College (University of London) 7
Queen Mary (University of London) 4
University of Manchester 3
Royal Holloway (University of London) 2
University of Sussex 4
Destinations outside the UK 2017
Bocconi and La Cattolica in Italy to study Business Management and Economics
Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan to study Medicine
Campus Biomedico di Roma in Rome to study Medicine
Polytechnico di Milano to study Aeronautical Engineering
Sports scholarship to North Kentucky in USA to study Pharmacology
Boston University to study Information Science
Melbourne University to study Medicine and Mechanical Engineering
Canberra University to study Politics and International relations
Concordia University in Montreal to study International Business

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