2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
IB average (points/45) 37 37 36 34 32
A level A*-A% 44 49 45 37 48
A level A*-B% 67 80 71 63 77
A level % pass rate 100 100 100 100 100
GCSE A*-A% (2018 onwards 9-7)* 38 46 38 37 39
GCSE A*-B% (2018 onwards 9-6)* 59 68 69 75 66
% achieving 5 or more GCSEs 100 100 100 100 100

*please note: a direct comparison is not possible between the old A*-E grades and the new 9-1 grades

2018: IB and A level

Once again, our IB students produced some impressive results to give an average score of 37 points, which places Kent College in the top 10 IB schools in the UK again this year.

Charlotte Letley achieved 43 points for the Diploma and has been offered a ‘Bright Sparks Scholarship’ to study Medicine at UEA. She was one of four students to score more than 40 points. Five students achieved a bilingual diploma and every candidate passed.

It was also another successful year for A level results, with over 67% passed at grades A*-B, and almost half of all grades at A*-A. Together, the IB and A level results secure UCAS points in the new tariff (the basis for university offers) with an average of over 150 per student: the equivalent of A* A A.

Executive Head Master, Dr. David Lamper said, “I am delighted with the very high levels of academic achievement shown by the students who took examinations this summer. They worked extremely hard whilst at the same time adding an immense amount to the extra curricular, musical, dramatic and sporting life of our community. They have been excellent ambassadors of Kent College and they deserve every success. I am also delighted for my colleagues who have worked so hard in supporting and nurturing the development of all our students. Many congratulations to them all.”

2018: GCSE

Kent College is celebrating another year of excellent GCSE results following this summer’s examinations. The courses and the grading have changed, and the nature of assessments has changed with much less emphasis on coursework - but the personalised approach at Kent College continues to ensure that students achieve a high level of success. 90% of students achieved 5 GCSEs at 4-9 (the equivalent of A*-C), and a number of students achieved a very impressive array of top grades, including multiple 9s.

Executive Head Master Dr David Lamper said, “The pupils have achieved an excellent set of results in spite of the changes to courses and assessments, and so have secured sound foundations for the next stage in their educational career. On top of wonderful A level and IB results, our students can be very proud of their achievements. Congratulations to them and to all of my colleagues for the hard work which makes excellent results like these possible”


Destinations for our 2018 leavers include many of the top universities in the UK and further afield. Anya Sochacka will study Human Sciences at Oxford University. Hannah Griggs secured a prestigious sports scholarship at the University of North Carolina, while Isiah Horner has been offered a sports scholarship at the University of Kent. Charlotte Letley has been awarded a ‘Bright Sparks Scholarship’ to study Medicine at UEA. Elena Bandel will study International Management at the University of Koblenz. Joseph Hearnden will study Land Management at the Royal Agricultural University.

The success of Kent College students means they will access courses across a wide range of subjects, including: specialist Music, Drama and Art courses, Architecture, Law, Economics, Sports Science and Physiotherapy, Mathematics, Business, Psychology, Politics, English Literature, Product Design, Pharmacy, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology and Media.

Kent College school front view

Destinations 2018


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