Being an Art Scholar at KC

Art scholarships in Years 7, 9 and 12 are awarded on the basis of individual assessment by the Head of Art, and recommendation to the Head Master.

What is expected of me?
We are looking for students with exceptional abilities in Art and Design.

What will be asked of me?
You will be asked to submit a portfolio of work. It is expected that the portfolio will showcase each student’s personal skill and abilities in connection with the artistic process. Please include all work that demonstrates your creative skills. This may include school-based projects, home-based hobbies and activities, work from workshops, illustrated written work, studies on artists you admire, scrap sketchbooks, photos or 3D work. You will have a short interview with the Head of Art to discuss your work and portfolio. There will also be a supervised test in which students will be asked to demonstrate their drawing and observational skills. In exceptional circumstances, if a student does not have a portfolio of work they may still apply to sit the studio tests and interview with the Head of Art.

What do I have to do to maintain my scholarship?
Art scholars in Years 7 to 9 must attend Art or Pottery Club weekly. Art scholars in Years 7 to 11 must enter all internal or external competitions designated by the Head of Art.


How to apply
For all scholarships, please complete our online Registration form and pay the £100 registration fee.

Details about scholarships and bursaries are available from the Registrar here: