Design and Technology

Design scholarships in Years 9 and 12 are awarded on the basis of individual assessment by the Head of Design and Technology, and recommendation to the Head Master.

What is expected of me?
We are looking for students with a passion for and interest in all aspects of Design.

What will be asked of me?
Candidates for Design scholarships will be asked to:

  • Take part in team-work based problem-solving challenge.
  • Show a 'portfolio' of work that demonstrates things the applicant has sketched, built, tinkered with, fixed, generally designed or made that demonstrate an outside of school interest for the subject.
  • Have a short interview with a member of the Design department about your prior experience, skills, passions, and general interest within the subject.

For more information contact the Head of Design: Mr M Cloke –


How to apply
For all scholarships, please complete our online Registration form and pay the £100 registration fee.

Details about scholarships and bursaries are available from the Registrar here: