Music scholarships into Years 7, 9 and 12 are awarded on the basis of individual assessment by the Director of Music, and recommendation to the Head Master.

The Director of Music is always available to discuss how Kent College might shape prospective pupils’ future in music. If you are considering applying for a scholarship but would like further information or any advice on the process, you are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the music department ahead of the official Music Scholarship application deadline.

What is expected of me?
We are looking for musical students. We don’t expect to find the finished product but we do want students with a passion for Music, who can demonstrate high potential on an instrument or voice, and who are excited about being part of the musical life of the school.

What musical standard is required?
Applicants should be at or above these ABRSM/Trinity standards on their main instrument or voice at the time of auditioning: Year 7 – Grade 3, Year 9 – Grade 5, Year 12 – Grade 6-7. If significant progress has been made in a short time but these recommended levels have not quite been reached, or the applicant has never taken grade exams, the Director of Music should be contacted to discuss potential applications.

What will I be asked to do on the audition day?
On the audition day, you will be invited to attend either a morning or afternoon session in a group along with other applicants. During this time you will take part in a variety of musical activities, including some ensemble playing and singing, as well as an opportunity to meet current Music Scholars and members of Music Department staff.
Within the session you will have an individual audition when we ask you to perform a piece on your main instrument (or voice) and on a second instrument if you play one. If your pieces are written to be played with an accompaniment, you should bring these with you, as a member of our music staff will accompany at the piano. We would also like you to sing a short song of your choice and there will be some general aural tests. You will have the opportunity to talk to us about your musical interests, and the session will end with a very informal ensemble concert which we invite parents to attend. Recent Grade marksheets and a reference from a current music teacher should be brought along on the day of the audition.

What do I have to do fulfill my role as a Music Scholar when I attend Kent College?
It is expected that a Music Scholar will show significant development on their instrument/voice during their time at Kent College and play a full and active role in the busy day to day life of the school’s music. You will be asked to perform in, and attend regular concerts, both in school and at outside events. A more detailed breakdown of specific activities and expectations is issued to all Music Scholars and is available to potential applicants if requested.

How do I apply for a music scholarship?
Please complete the online Registration form for Kent College, following the Music Scholarship section and pay the £100 registration fee to complete your Scholarship application for Kent College.



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