Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.”
- Augusto Boal

Subject Overview

Drama education thoroughly embraces our whole school philosophy where we aim to develop the full potential of each individual. Drama education ensures that students are provided with a safe environment to develop creative, expressive and evaluative skills essential for effective communication within the classroom and beyond.

The Drama Department’s aim at Kent College is to instil in all students an enjoyment of the subject and an understanding of its relevance to the world around them. We want our students to develop confidence in their ability to be creative performers, public speakers, directors and team players.

KS3 GCSE iGCSE Pre A level / Pre IB IB A Level Cambridge Technical Pre U

What skills will I learn?

Students can gain a variety of transferable skills such as:

  • Decision-making
  • Team building
  • Innovative thinking which enhances their confidence and creativity
  • Communication
  • Co-operation
  • Control
  • Concentration
  • Problem solving
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Acceptance of rules
  • Adaptability
  • Independence
  • Time management
  • Self discipline and respect

What else will I get to do?

  • Upper School (Years 10-13) musical production takes place in October each year and rehearsals take place after school on a Thursday, and on Sunday afternoons. (Additional after-school rehearsals take place closer to the production)
  • Junior Drama runs every Tuesday after school for those in the Lower School (Years 7-9) As part of this club, students will get the opportunity to perform in a play, the Great Drama Challenge and a Summer showcase.
  • Members of the lower school are also invited to take part in the Annual House Drama Festival which takes place in February as part of Arts Week.
  • Senior Drama runs on a Monday after school and this acts as an opportunity to create work for showcase performance.
  • With the development of our wonderful new theatre, a theatre production club will also be running to encourage those interested in the designing elements of theatre.


  • Musical Theatre trips which are specific to the course you are studying

Visiting Lecturers

Last year we offered our students workshops by Loud Learning, Splendid Productions to support and develop skills in storytelling and their approach to devising. We also provided our Year 10 Drama students with a Blood Brothers workshop with Mike Southern from Stage Ed. Mike played Sammy in the West End for 10 years and offered the students an engaging, practical and informative session on the set text.

The next step..

Drama & Theatre Studies is a subject to take if students would like a job in the entertainment industry, in front of an audience or behind the scenes. It also helps with confidence, public speaking, presentation and group/social/team building skills so it can be useful for pupils wishing to go into business, sales or any areas where public speaking is a key feature of the job. It is also relevant and interesting to people who are interested in culture or social issues.

Meet the Acting Head of Drama


Marie Christian BA (Hons), De Montfort University; QTS, CCCU; Early Years Teacher Status, CCCU


I have been teaching Drama since 2004, firstly at St Edmund’s Catholic School in Dover, and then at Kent College, Canterbury.

I have worked with a number of theatre companies both professionally and as a hobby and consider Drama to be an essential part of every child’s learning. I run my own theatre company which works to deliver workshops to primary school children in the local area. As a Director on the board of a local amateur dramatic society, I run the youth section and direct an annual performance for young people between the ages of 8-18.

Beyond my formal teaching, I run the Junior Drama Club and I am delighted to say we have an active membership of nearly 60 members which has more than doubled under my leadership from 2017. Since taking on the role of Acting Head of Drama last year, I have reintroduced a Senior Drama Club and we have been gradually building momentum working together with Mr Smith to co-produce Lockdown Island.

The drama department at Kent College is flourishing in spite of the current conditions we find ourselves in and continues to enthuse, nurture and inspire students inclusively in all years.

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