The whole of life is coming to terms with yourself and the natural world. Why are you here? How do you fit in? What's it all about?
- David Attenborough

Subject Overview

Creative risk-taking and conceptual experimentation are championed in the Design Department at Kent College. Students are encouraged to explore their individual values and ideas. The challenges and environment that students face in the department mimic the challenges and environment they face in the real world, as designers or as conscientious consumers.

The world is evolving rapidly and we know the skills needed of the workforce are shifting in importance-- rote knowledge is becoming less important in the digital information age, and design thinking has become invaluable. That’s why Design at Kent College is a subject looking to the 22nd Century, preparing our students not only for the world that we know now but the world that is coming--we teach students how to think, not what to think.

Within purpose built facilities, students benefit from a deliberate mixture of traditional, industrial and emerging technologies. We have built a stimulating curriculum that challenges, excites and is rooted in real-world problems. Fostering each student's personal approach to design, we introduce them to the manufacturing processes at their disposal, from 3D printing and laser cutting through to coding and sand casting.

As students progress through the curriculum, design thinking becomes more complex. Students naturally strive for greater independence, identifying their own real-world problems and solving them through the application of research and the iterative development of an idea--from concept through to finished prototype.

Available in

KS3 GCSE iGCSE Pre A level / Pre IB IB A Level Cambridge Technical Pre U

What skills will I learn?

Students can gain a variety of transferable skills such as:

  • Design teaches you to analyse and understand the world around you; it strikes the perfect balance—integrating arts and design-thinking with STEM subjects to boost complex problem solving, develop analytical thought, and foster creative innovation—the key skills needed to succeed in your future.
  • At all levels, Design fortifies analytical thought, problem solving, creativity, risk taking, and innovation. Additionally, it forges a firm foundation for students pursuing a career in any Engineering discipline, Fashion Design, Product Design, Architecture, Industrial Design or Graphic Design.
  • We live in a world where technology is rapidly evolving, studying Design will arm you with the adaptable approach to make the most of it.

What else will I get to do?

  • BIEA STEM competition, Robotics club, Whole school competitions, Innovation competition, Makerspace.
  • Through in-house competitions, students have a say in the school’s design, developing whole school projects, such as: designing furniture for the Great Hall, the redesign of outdoor spaces.


  • Recent trips include: The London Design Festival, The Barbican Centre, Central Saint Martins, BIEA STEM Competition finals at the Royal Air Force Museum.
  • We also have visiting lecturers and professionals (architects) come to the Department to assist with GCSE and A Level groups.

The next step..

Creative Industries are currently outperforming the UK wider economy and government figures demonstrate that the UK has the biggest creative industry in EU.

“the most valuable roles are those that enable machines to pair with skilled, cross-disciplinary thinkers to innovate, create, and deliver services.”

Join the fastest growing industry sector in the UK. The subject will prepare you for an undetermined future job market as well as more traditional roles within Engineering discipline, Fashion Design, Product Design, Architecture, Industrial Design or Graphic Design.

Meet the Head of DT


Mike Cloke (Senior Teacher and Head of Design & Technology) BA (HONS) 3D Design

Before his career in education, Mr Cloke led a career in Product Design. Exhibiting his work nationally and internationally, he worked with Phillipe Starck, the BBC and Ad firm BETC. He began his teaching career at University College School, London where he was Assistant Head of Sixth form before taking over as Head of the Design Department. He joined Kent College as Head of Design in 2017 and joined the Senior Leadership Team in 2018 as Senior Teacher.

He has worked with the James Dyson foundation to develop resources to aid the teaching of Design and Technology, presented a research paper titled ‘Scaffolding for Creativity’ at the Design and Technology Association conference and advised on curriculum at a national level. He has been a Moderator for Cambridge Pre U Art and Design since 2014.

Tim Phillips (Teacher of Design and Technology & Assistant Head of Sixth Form) BA (HONS) in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewelry Design.

Mr Phillips will challenge you to take risks, discover new things through doing and embrace any happy accidents along the way. He particularly enjoys revelling in the unknown.

Fabia Goff (Designer in Residence) BA (HONS) Industrial Design

Since her time at Brunel University studying Industrial Design with professional practice, Ms Goff spent six years in industry as a product designer. She has worked for high street brands including John Lewis and Laura Ashley to high end for Interior Designers and Hotels. She also specialises in Linoprint and Graphic Artwork, working for clients worldwide and exhibiting all over Kent including in The Beaney, Canterbury.

Fabia currently runs 'Print and Pattern' club teaching linoprinting and pattern design for homeware and fashion as well as Photoshopping in Media Studies, Robotics club with lower school students, leading CAD and design projects in DT lessons and supporting students and classes in the Workshop.

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