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The Media Cambridge Technical programme is a Level 3 course which means that it is equivalent to a single award A level in terms of UCAS points for university entrance. The course is 100% coursework and would be suitable for students with a strong interest in digital and lens based creativity. Over a range of unit’s students use applied creativity to promote a variety of commercial products in each of their exam projects. Work is delivered and presented in e-portfolio format and consequently 6th form students have found that they have built up a very convincing and varied body of work by the time they have completed the Media course at the end of the two-year programme. As a result, many of the students who have studied Media with us at Kent College have successfully progressed onto Film, Media and digital arts courses at higher educational establishments, as well as Media and film related careers.

The Media courses have provided students who are creative and technical with an opportunity to succeed. The standard of practical film, photography and print media produced at exam level in the school is very high. The equipment in the Media department and school includes technology such as the laptop scheme and access to industry standard software which provides the students with opportunities to produce high end work. Students are able to access HDV video and DSLR cameras and equipment via the department booking system and this facilitates their interest and creative motivations and expression. More recently the department now has a dedicated studio space as well as a separate Media classroom, which has provided the students with even greater opportunities for experimentation and production.

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Meet the Head of Media

Mr Ben Wisdom-Quieros BA (Hons) Film Studies

I am a Film and Media specialist teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of the curriculum at both key stage 4 and 5 across all exam boards. My affinity with the subject began in my childhood as a passion and grew to become my educational focus. My degree comprised film production, historical context, analytical approach in equal measure and in my subsequent career as a teacher I have continued to revel in reading, constructing and teaching about one of the most diverse contemporary artforms. In short, I am a cinematic enthusiast from both academic and creative angles. My specific areas of interest include: gender representation, avant-garde cinema and film production.

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