Years 7-11 – Dress code and uniform

Smart uniform

Uniform is a very important part of school life and helps everyone feel part of the whole community. The school blazer, which is woven from Yorkshire wool, must be worn at all times. White, ironed shirts or blouses should be tucked in at all times. Boys should wear charcoal grey trousers and girls should wear the school tartan grey skirt. The skirt must NOT be shorter than knee length and can be ordered in different lengths as needed. Boys should wear their House tie and girls their House badge on their blazer lapel. The school V-necked burgundy jumper may be worn under the school blazer.

All uniform should be clearly labelled with the student’s name on name tapes, and footwear should also be labelled with permanent marker.

Day pupils travelling to and from school must wear full school uniform. Exceptions to this rule can be made only with permission of the Senior School Head Master.


Girls may wear one small ring and a discreet silver or gold necklace with a small attachment. One plain stud earring can be worn in the lobe of each ear. Bracelets and anklets are not allowed and no jewellery at all is to be worn for PE. Please ensure that all earrings can be removed for sport and games. It is the expectation that boys should not normally wear any jewellery.


No extreme hairstyles are allowed and hair if coloured, may only be dyed natural colours. Makeup and nail modifications/varnish are not permitted.


Students should wear smart, business-like, black shoes that are kept clean and polished at all times. Shoes can be slip-ons, lace up or with a fastening strap and buckle and should have a maximum heel of 1 inch. Under no circumstances should flip flops, trainer-style shoes, boots or boot-style shoes be worn in school. Please also note that correct footwear should be worn in the Sports Hall (non-marking trainers) and on the Astroturf (Astro trainers or suitably studded trainers). Studded or bladed football or rugby boots must NOT be worn on the Astroturf.

Where to buy

Uniform for Years 7-11 can be bought online from School Colours Direct.

Visit School Colours Direct

A sizing guide is available on the website. In addition sizing samples are also available to try on in the school's Thrift Shop, which is located on the Senior school campus, and is open during term time on Mondays and Fridays, 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Good quality second-hand uniform and sportswear for all years is also available in the Thrift Shop. Any questions about the purchase of school uniform should be addressed to

Download : 7 - 11 Girls' Uniform List

Download : 7 - 11 Boys' Uniform List

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