Kent College Fees

No Hidden Extras

School fees at Kent College are as inclusive as possible and extras are kept to a minimum.

The policy at Kent College is that the fees structure should be clear, straightforward and transparent, avoiding wherever possible the levying of additional charges.

What is included in our fees?
  • Apple Macbook (for duration of school attendance)
  • Activities which form part of the curriculum
  • Books, textbooks and stationery
  • Exam fees
  • All meals (lunch only for day pupils)
  • All trips (in support of curriculum)
  • Costs associated when representing the school in designated sports fixtures
  • Personal accident/possessions insurance
  • Bedding and laundry (for boarders)
  • Career Profiling with guidance for university and career progression
  • Kent College Times school magazine
What's not included?
  • Minibus Transportation to and from home (for day pupils)
  • Optional items such as individual music tuition/instrument hire
  • Contributions for residential trips
  • The optional fees protection insurance
  • Purchases from the 1885 (Tuck Shop)
  • Purchases from the Thrift Shop
  • School uniform
  • Supper for day pupils (as required)
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Choose your Plan

Pick your year of interest to view the cost for your child, and then use the buttons to toggle the view between yearly and termly prices.

Day Pupils

£5,407 /term

 Equivalent to £1,351.75 per month

A clear and straightforward fee structure, avoiding hidden "extras".

  • Includes all of this:
  • Apple MacBook laptop
  • After School Activities until 5.30pm
  • Books and Stationery
  • Exam Fees
  • Career Profiling (Years 11&12)
  • Trips in support of curriculum**
  • Activities
  • Lunches
  • Costs for representing the school at sport and events
  • Personal Accident and Possession Insurance
  • The Kent College Times
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Full Boarding

£ 8,247 /term

 Equivalent to £2,061.75 per month

All of the Day Pupil benefits plus:

  • Full-time house parent on-site
  • Breakfast and Evening Meal
  • Weekend/evening activities and entertainment
  • Bedding and Laundry Services
  • Wi-fi internet access
  • 24 hour medical centre

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*contact the Bursar for details of phased payment by standing order
**if a trip involves an overnight stay a contribution may be requested towards costs

Download our 2017-18 Fees List

For our full pricing PDF with further information regarding Deposits, Individual Tuition, the Dyslexia Centre and Music Lessons click the button below.